Time to get back to work

After all, I only have another eight days of what I’d call vacation. August hits, and I head back to the classroom.

So, today is writing, writing, writing and a little bit of work in the garden. You heard it here first. Somehow I tweaked my back (in addition to smashing my little toe into the back of a grocery cart–it took all my efforts not to scream, which was important, because how threatening are sour cream and cottage cheese containers, really?) and I’m disinclined to doing much movement until the meds kick in.

Last night, the Eldest showed up with SO and dog. He checked out Harley’s paw (obviously, it was the day for hurting ourselves by doing nothing) and we had dinner together. I’d been alone for so long, it was nice have people (and a dog) around the house. (So maybe I should get out more. It’s at least another week and a half before the Spousling returns from camp.)

I dragged both of them into Google+ and lo, this morning, the Eldest has already uploaded a number of his climbing pictures. Mind you, he doesn’t have his profile pic up yet, and when he does, it’ll be one of him perched somewhere precariously or dangling off a rope.

I know this child too well.

Right now most of the photos are of some other mothers’ children perched precariously on rocks, and I just want to scream, “That photo just added three dozen more white hairs to your mom’s head! Get down from there!”

We spoke last night of the things I had to yell into the backyard at the Eldest, in particular. Things like: David! Untie your brother from the tree!

It’s far too easy to convince a 2YO to hold the end of a rope and lean back against the tree trunk, you know? But basically, they never change.

I’m horrified by Norway and the deaths there. The world has shrunk so much with Twitter and other social media, that it all seems to happen in my backyard. It’s easy to believe that if it could happen there, it could happen here, but difficult to accept that prevention is not even a possibility. Yet would I want to live in a society where prevention was possible and accept the curtailing of individual freedoms?

I think not.

Still not watching the news media or reading much news online–the conjecture (We have nothing of import to add to this report so we will interview people who know nothing yet are too willing to blab about what they don’t know. I wish I could say this was just Fox.) and biases (Yeah, it wasn’t brown people this time, but it coulda/shoulda/woulda been and it’s still your fault!) piss me off too much.

In other news, the dog is snoring, the sky is overcast, and I am tempted to join him.

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  • Jason Venter says:

    The more the world changes, the more I wish it would stay like the world I like to pretend that it was when I was a kid. I need to escape into fiction more… writing it, reading it, loving it. I think that was one of the big things that was different about my youth. I wasn’t plugged into how harsh the world is back then. I was reading about Tom Sawyer and Lucy in the wardrobe and the sleuthing Sherlock Holmes… and those were fiction and Norway was a world away.

    I hope you do some more writing soon, Marsha. It’s cool that you got to spend time with your family. My mom worries about me, too, but she doesn’t have to fret that I’ll fall off a cliff or something. The worst injury that’s likely to happen to me is a paper cut!

  • msisolak says:

    Jason, you have no idea how lucky your mom is! You should definitely tell her whenever she complains.

    As for the writing–wow. It’s been a major unhill battle all summer. I think it’s because I decided to rip out one POV and start rewriting from the beginning.

    I am also out of books now that I’ve finished the Bordertown collection, which is sad.