Morning commentary, before coffee

Spouse, to me as I start down the stairs: Would you like me to go first or watch in horror as you fall?

Good news: less pain than I thought

Not-quite-as-good news: Muscle aches due to using arms for crutches and lifting, and neck muscles. I am now sitting upright to drink just because.

I have not recovered all of my ability to think clearly quite yet. It’s taking me forever to get a backup plugin for Google Drive installed on WordPress, and I can’t be sure it’s not me. I spooked last night when I didn’t think my Mac was charging as it should–when it was. By then I’d moved the charger to three different outlets and was on the way to freaking out.

Well, d’oh. Amber, dummy, does mean it’s charging.

Today I’m more awake and level-headed, so I think the anesthesia has mostly worked its way out and the pain meds don’t have quite the same impact. Note: my family may disagree.

Now, off to try a Skype attempt with the daughter who is trying on wedding dresses without me. You have to love the digital age.


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