Current class size: 31

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we start full days immediately. With lunch in the cafeteria. My face: O.O

(You have to imagine a group of small kids who may or may not be able to stand in line, get a tray and put food on it without spilling, and carry that tray without spilling to wherever to eat. Oh, and pick their name ticket out of a line of 30+ cards. I am just going to pass the cards out to them. Because why suffer more than I have to?)

This is going to be soooooooooooooooome year. Again. (Think very good thoughts about me getting one inter-district transfer kiddo who comes with ex-first grade teacher grandma. I could really use her if we’re going full days immediately. Only TK is exempt and gets half days until October break.)

Today, I moved a little furniture (hard to move furniture covered in boxes) and emptied eleven or twelve boxes. Only a bazilliontyleven to go. My cupboard space is half gone. This does not bode well. I may be rethinking my use of file cabinets.

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