Those work well, and keep my mind off everything else.

The photo albums I brought home? A gold mine of mysteries. Some have names on the back, which is helpful, I suppose when I find time to do the family research. But mostly? Total mystery. Like this one with the information on the back.

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I haven’t decided if he’s a curiosity that whoever began the album couldn’t give up or somehow related to the family. Banister and West Circus operated during Victorian England and toured Scotland mostly. That’s all I’ve found so far.

I’ve tinkered with a short story, thinking I will send it to Charlie when the F&SF window opens. I can’t quite bring myself to work on the novel, as much as I want. I’m pretty distracted and it’s easier to hold my attention with research. And work around the house. Heaven knows that needs doing.

My kids’ dogs are keeping us on our toes, too. I walked Shasta first this morning (because the two little monsters together tie themselves up) and she was so worried about Baxter not being with us that she slipped out of her collar as I bent to scoop her present for me, and I had to chase her home.

It’s really annoying when the fur baby stops to make sure you’re still following and then takes off again when you’ve made it within arms’ reach.

I’m still having trouble when people who haven’t heard ask how Mom is, and I don’t know if I’ll get over that any time soon.

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