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Let the zonking out begin


Today wasn’t completely a waste. I walked. I popped onto Trillian to meet up with Amber and I wrote like I should have. One hundred words and I managed to merge the new section in with the original smoothly enough to say it’s okay for a draft. Although I only have a paragraph or two before I have to write new words again.

But in between walking and writing?

Anti-knitting, three rows so far and probably another one or two to go before I have the correct number of stitches on the needles. I’ve been knitting at my desk where the light is good, but clearly I am not paying close attention. I’m going to start counting stitches at the end of every row and not merely being satisfied that I ended on the right stitch.

The rash continues, which of course brings me to the Benedryl-enduced nap. Since I just took another, I expect only a few more minutes of consciousness.

Other things I managed today include a short trip to the grocery store, finally watching one of the taped shows from last week and rejecting the Castle episode because hey, Benedryl.

Life is teeming with excitement around here.

In addition, I think the latest kinder plague has gotten to me. Scratchy throat and achy all over, and an occasional moment when I suddenly suspect I’ve caught on fire, so it’s just as well I did not exert myself to clean the frig and sew the drape panels together like I’d planned. After all, there’s always tomorrow, right?

Besides, I’m still engrossed in House Name which I didn’t pick up last night because the drugs hit me like a ton of bricks. So now I’m off to read while I can still keep my eyes open.

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So 375 for tonight and 150 last night. Progress, although I’m a little worried about where the new segment is taking me and what it’s going to change downstory.

Meanwhile, the visiting dog keeps sliding into walls as she chases her tennis ball, the kids are playing Wii in the family room, and I just finished in the kitchen. (Fair, really, since the kids cooked tonight.)

I am also hiving/rashing out and I don’t know from what. Might be the two glasses of red wine I had. I’ve taken two Benedryl and I figure I’ll be awake another ten seconds or so. I’m just a tad itchy. Of course, I’m out of every H2 antagonists, which had worked on the old allergy symptoms so well.

It’ll all be better in the morning. Right?

And if it’s not, I’ll be red and itchy. Mostly on my inner arms.

I’d blame the knitting, but I haven’t rolled in yarn, nor, for that matter, have I eaten any crab which was the last time I reacted like this. So.

But I swear I’m giving someone in this book or the next an allergic reaction. Because, dammit, I can.

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Still twitching


But hey, the kindergarten Christmas program is over. And they were practically perfect in every way. (Meaning no one did anything rude on stage or chatted with their neighbor. They were also dressed up to the nines. So cute.)

I don’t have a Christmas present for my mom. Last year I found opera CDs for her and counted myself lucky. She has everything she needs and/or buys it for herself–now that she’s learned how to shop online. She doesn’t actually do the buying; she has my sister or me do it for her. But she can surf! Woo! Go, Mom!

But. No present. No real ideas. I thought I’d buy opera tickets for us and I’d go with her, but Fresno has no opera in the spring. Suggestions?

Crafts killed: 5
Crafts alive and kicking my butt: 5
Non-crafts turned into crafts by the judicious application of scissors: 1

Allergic reaction to crafts: 1. All day yesterday. Or maybe I was allergic to the Christmas program. Hard to tell, but I’m definitely not so sneezy today. (Of course, I just said that and my nose went all Oh Rlly? on me.

For the record: The number of reindeer antlers requiring surgical reattachment was significantly higher than normal this year. WTH?

Making tamales next week is not considered a craft. No glue.

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So tired.


Gee, it must be Christmas.

The tree is officially done, and the angel finally perched on the tiptop. Two out of a bazillion crafts are finished. And while all I’d like to do is sleep, I woke at 4A the past two nights and couldn’t drop back off.

Did I mention that my nose is running? The jury’s out as to whether this is cold- or allergy-related.

Have an amazing musical collaboration instead. I’m not a Nelly fan, but I’ve been watching/listening to this when I should be writing. Or, say, sleeping.

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Even my eyelashes are standing at attention.


The Eldest Child made coffee this morning.

This would also explain why he feels the need to leap mountains on a regular basis. I must have thrice the usual caffeine coursing through my veins. (I’m going to have a second cup anyway. Watch out.)

No writing. No packing. No laundry. I suck.

OTO, I have lesson plans for the next three days complete, I’ve restrung all the pattern bead boards with new shoelaces, and the Red Ribbon week photos for the door are done. I just have to smack them up once I get to school.

Sadly, caffeine doesn’t do a thing for allergies. I can only hope Columbus has new and improved pollen and/or mold and that it’ll take a couple of days for the nose to acclimate, and then I’ll be gone.

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Exhaustion +


a gin and tonic + allergy meds resulted in a dead-to-the-world sleep. I have no idea if anything happened while I was asleep, because we could have been invaded by ravaging opossums–they’ve appeared on the fence to taunt Harley before, after all. Packs of coyotes could have held a yodeling contest on our hill, and I wouldn’t have noticed.

All I know is that I slept through. Which was very very good, and probably means that I staved off a cold.

However, despite a judicious application of coffee–think of me as a half-filled bathtub–I am not awake and am fighting the compulsion to crawl back into my bed.

Not that I would be able to actually sleep, because coffee, right? But the body would love to remain prone.

Unfortunately, I have stuff to do. Lots of stuff. Like practice for tomorrow and buy a new recorder and maybe get a pedicure and clean the damn house and do grocery shopping and update my kindergarten book blog and think about packing for WFC. Did I mention it’s raining? And that I’m chain-sneezing–there’s mold or dog fur or some histamine that’s sent my nose into overdrive.

Maybe I’ll bypass the gin and tonics this morning and head straight for the allergy meds.

But it’s Saturday, and after an entire week of full days with my kinders, I am entitled to be dead for a little longer. Or at least, completely unproductive.

Although I am thinking writing.

Only thinking.

Still it’s a step. And I’m meeting Dru tonight, so I’ll have to be productive there. Right?

(Don’t answer that.)

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So you know


that no-sneezing, no-runny-nose day all yesterday?

The reprieve is gone.  Phooey.

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