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Color me



It’s been a twelve-hour day at school–first the full day workshop on current brain research (which was, I admit, fascinating) and then two hours to prepare for the kinder-and-family onslaught which lasted an hour beyond that.

Approximately half showed. Of the remaining, only three are not siblings of prior students, so I’m not as worried as I could be.

The kids were pretty mellow. They found toys and began to play, while parents mingled and asked questions. It might be an okay year based on what I’ve seen so far–even if I end up with 33.

Tomorrow is a half-day workshop, and then I’m debating the wisdom of skipping the optional faculty meeting so I can wrap up the classroom. I still have stuff to do–like labeling the cubbies and minor details, like um… planning the morning.

Mostly I’m too worn out to consider it tonight.

I had a brilliant flash about novel two this morning, and because I had no time to write a note to myself, it has vanished. I’m hoping I will catch it stealthily wandering my brain and hold onto it long enough to stash it on the computer since my short-term memory has decided to fail.

FB has decided that I need to join the ranks of the zombitimelined. I would throw a tantrum if I thought it would do any good. Instead, I’m thinking about hiding my activity and playing dead. If I didn’t use FB to stalk my children (because they never tell me anything! I was a bad, bad mom apparently.) I would abandon it with delight and relief.

Guess what? I’ve typed all this and I’m still exhausted. If you discover my kids up to no good via FB, chastise them publicly for me, please.

I’m going to bed.

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So I wrapped up Mother’s Day by swathing all the shrunken heads silhouettes in tissue paper and slipping them into their envelopes with the handmade cards and the I love my mom because notes.

My favorite I love my mom note this year? The one who loved his mom because she washed his clothes.

I managed to mix two cards up, so there will be switching tomorrow. Sadly, I forgot to get one card when I dropped a form by the child’s house late this afternoon. I am crossing my fingers the dad remembers to bring the card.

I transplanted all the sunflowers and pumpkin plants into cups for Open House. I finished half of the LA tests. I organized tomorrow’s zoo trip and managed to find two parents who were willing to drive their own child, because the bus company called to say they didn’t have enough buses, so hey, you have one bus that seats 83. We have 84 kinders. I can’t believe a bus driver would drive a busload of kinders without teachers to guard his/her back all the way to Santa Barbara, so we all found volunteer parents.

All but two of the nametags for the trip are done. I ran out of time. Tomorrow.

I sat through two hours of training for an assessment on early childhood development that all kinder teachers in my district are doing. Twenty minutes a kid. By June 1st. This does not include all the regular assessment that we are doing for the end of the year anyway. I typed up homework for next week, and delivered two district forms to the parents who need to fill them out.

I had my watch battery replaced (critical for tomorrow), bought lunch, and arrived home at 6:30. I did not meet my team for margaritas no matter how much I wanted to, and surely I should win a prize for that.

I have to pack for the trip up north, and I should probably check the weather in Livermore since this is an outdoor wedding at a winery. As rumor has it–the Slug strongly suggested that I not attempt aerating the lawn.

I’ve got to teach the Slug how to machine quilt tonight. Because she wants to take the finished baby quilt to the wedding that the pregnant cousin in question isn’t attending. WE COULD MAIL IT. Like LATER.

Because I have plans for my collapse about right now.

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So tired


of being sick. Laryngitis again, with a huge dose of No Energy and OMG, Let Me Sleep Without Coughing curled up right beside it.

Why no one has ever thought to use small children as delivery agents for germ warfare is beyond me. They’re cute, charming, and contagious as hell.

In other news, cancer can just get the hell off my friends’ backs. Third friend in five months. I think that’s frigging enough.

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Sick redux


When I wasn’t paying close attention, whatever I had a couple of weeks ago decided to pull a sneak attack.

The good news is that it’s not as bad this time around. The bad news is… well, it’s back and I’m exhausted. Bed is looking mighty good. The voice is barely holding up, and I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t go completely bye-bye.

Writing? Well, I chopped some more words, and then decided I’m not in my right mind, and before I slice and dice any more, I should just go lie down.

This week is all about Valentines and hearts and crafts, and I’m looking forward for it all to die a messy death on Friday. I can tell I’m out of it because I don’t care.

The only really good thing about today was reading Interrupting Chicken to my class. No wonder I’m so tired–I’ve got a classroom full of interrupting chickens.

So Ibuprofen and bed. And tomorrow will be another day.

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Down, but not out


I was ready to drop after today. I had no chance to sit down because there was just too much to do on the 100th day of school.

But I managed to get through everything.

And then I came home and had a nap. Because even if you’re not 100 years old, the 100th day kind of chews you up and spits you out. I think it’s the sugar high from just smelling the Fruit Loops and the powdered doughnuts.

An hour and forty-five minutes later, Harley started barking. I dragged myself out of bed after five minutes, because seriously? Who could sleep with that racket? Luckily I was up in time to write with Amber (not that Amber was necessarily writing, but being accountable? ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.) and accomplished far more than I would have thought I could.

Almost four pages, and although I’ve cut two and half pages so far in this section, it’s still not tight enough and will need another pass.

Yeah, not going to happen tonight because I’m headed back to bed to rest up. Lots to do tomorrow and a David Garrett concert in LA tomorrow night, which I’m excited about.

Also, the cute comment of the day from one of my kinders, regarding the fact that I tricked them with the 100 doughnuts (which are not actually 100, but 2.5 with the half standing on the cut edges to make a number 1 and the whole doughnuts as the 0’s):

“It’s okay, Mrs. Sisolak. This way we won’t get diabetes.”

Can’t argue with that at all. (Not that I can argue with much this child says. He’s very pragmatic and reminds me of the Middle Child at this age.)

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Oh, so tired.


Bit more got accomplished today. The kitchen’s clean as is the downstairs bath. Couple loads of laundry, too, which is good since I needed clean clothes for tomorrow.

Squeaked out 160+ new words and rewrote two pages. Same characters interacting, so I was able to cut and paste old words here and there, but not interacting in the same way. Also, Lisen is going to be a big pain in the neck.

But if you’ve read the first draft, you knew that. And now she’s even a bigger one.

I also managed, when I still had energy, to do a crit and meet up with the KIAPosse on Skype. If you count the two and a half hours I was gone this morning at St. Max’s, it almost looks as though I worked the entire day on one thing or another.

And now it’s time for bed. Or not. Because I have three young women in the entryway trying to decide how to get the HUGE panel of two Miami Vice-type models (a Christmas joke gift) into my daughter-in-law’s car so she can continue the joke at the Middle Child’s scout offices.

I’m thinking chain saw.

Sadly, no one else is.

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