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Daughter, showing me the sketch for the next baby quilt for a friend: I’ve still got a month before the baby arrives. So, see? It’s regular size. How much yardage for the backing, do you think?

Me: Two yards.

Her: And what about these squares?

Me: Mmmm. What size are they?

Her: Oh, five inches.

Me: *counts total squares* 300 linear inches. Do the math.

Her, triumphantly pointing to a piece of the sketch I’d not noticed: And this is where I’m using prairie points!

Me: !!!!  I’ve never actually done prairie points!

Her: Then it’s time you learn.

Good gravy, this is only her third baby quilt. However did I raise a child who even knows what prairie points are, let alone decides to try them?

Or wants me to try them for her, which, I’m sure, is closer to the reality. :P

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School’s out.

And I’m not actually sick–so far. But I’m headed to bed way early tonight, because I’m exhausted. It always goes downhill from that state, so if I can fix it quickly, I shouldn’t actually get anything else.

Our fifth-grade reading buddies came into today to help wrap the kindergartner’s presents for their parents. Their teacher watched me whirl around the room for fifteen minutes and decided watching me was exhausting. (I don’t think she’ll be switching grade levels any time soon, no matter how much I beg.)

But it explains so much of the rest of the day, which involved compressing a normal five-hour day’s activities into four hours. I did it, but I had to run the day on zoom.

In doomed news, the verdict on the PC is that the hard drive is toast. Next step is to slave it to a new hard drive and see what we can recover. Everyone cross their finger and pray hard. All my writing is on it. All the short stories. All my school stuff. All my email. My Photoshop files. My photographs. My music. Those are the critical things.

I do have some things–like the latest novel–on the Mac, so it’s not all death and destruction, but I was a bad, bad girl and did not back up files as often as I should have. Back up yours right this second!!

I will purchase some sort of portable drive, so I have no excuses in the future.

Meanwhile, I am trying not to think horrible fates, but I don’t have the brain power/time/or energy to deal with it until after Christmas.

There are times when I hate technology.

And then there are days like yesterday, when I whip out my cell phone and take a photo of the classroom behavior chart to send to Santa.

(The number of children who believe grows phenomenally the second the phone comes out. Now if I only had an elf-manned hidden webcam in my classroom like the transitional K classroom does….)



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