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Well, I’m not quite giving up…


but I think I’m going to have to admit to (and accept) being a vacation writer. I’m spinning in circles (again) and not quite accomplishing what I absolutely must, let alone anything extra.

Of course, that also means that I’m going to have to organize the writing ahead of time, so it’s not usurped by all the other fun kinds of vacation stuff. Like, say, house remodeling, painting, and/or clearing out closets–my current preoccupations.

Either that, or I’m going to have to adopt another writer and keep them around full time.
Since the Slug moves home in another two weeks, I can only offer a bedroom for that long. And then, I don’t know. The rafters?

My evenings are filled with 1. avoidance or 2. music. There’s the PDQ Bach piece a small group of us are doing at the party on Saturday, and all I can imagine is that he really hated altos when he wrote it. My chorus bits are whazu, whaza, whaza, whaza, whaza, woo, woo, whaza, whaza, whaza, woo woo, whaza, whaza woo, wah, when it’s not a takeoff of Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear sung at triple speed. The fear of totally screwing up the words is making me practice. Lots. The advent concert’s on Sunday, and we’re singing three pieces–all of which I love, but haven’t sung in a year, and we don’t sing everything, so I have to pay close attention and count. This year, clapping was added. You tell me to clap on the second and fourth beats and I’ll somehow manage to be on the first and third. So yes, I am practicing clapping, too.

This is over and above the music for my voice teacher, but that gets practiced in the car on my commute. The Brahms is whipping my butt there, but that’s because it’s in German. And I’m not even looking ahead to Christmas Eve’s mass and concert in the new choir. Which means, I won’t know everything. It’s been if I know it, they don’t; if they know it, I don’t, for almost every piece. Since we’re throwing in a Latin piece or two and a section of the Messiah I’ve never sung, and the one song I thought I know is a completely different one with the same title by a completely different composer.

Holiday crafts are going down bit by bit, and I cannot wait to wrap them all up. Today, the tissue paper wreaths, where the kids glue bits of wadded tissue to a paper plate, the table, themselves, the world. By day’s end, there will be glue everywhere, with some tissue stuck onto the plates.

I’m taking photos for family Christmas presents, and just realized that one child may have to do two due to family circumstances. I don’t have enough frames. :(


Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to school I go. Phooey.

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For E: Is this house with ugly wallpaper truly for you?


Why yes, I am procrastina allowing the blood to return to my fingertips. How astute of you to notice.

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