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Why I try not to read unfinished series….


The end of the latest book:

Character X, is a female doctor, who, only a paragraph before, has been reunited with her lover, a bishop of Henry II’s England. However, the mysterious character who has followed her all over Europe trying to kill her, has just stabbed him twice, because his victim’s swung her around out of danger.

Bad guy is killed by the others about them. Other character, also in love with X, vows to get them back to England on his ship. Mother and father of X, also doctors, staunch bleeding while dying character vows to stay alive. They must move him immediately so that the other members of the church won’t get their hands on him–for he will die under their benighted ideas of healing, one of whom has just declared her a witch and run for help.

Move begins.



Note: Yes, lots of drama at the end, but very well written and set up for all this. But, OMG, couldn’t they have chopped it once they got him on board the ship? Geez.

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Sat down and opened the Mac. To write! Cross my heart.

The phone rings.

The Spousling. “If I come pick you up, will you check out the stuff I need for camp? I left my card in the box at camp.”


Man, he owes me. Sixteen flags, mended scout pants, two patches on the shirt, and now the library checkout. None of which was on my agenda for today.

Sadly, he won’t be paying me back in words.

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