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A page and a half rewritten last night. Success, seeing that I was inching along for more of the week before that.

Today? Yeah, not so much. I’m back to feeling successful with a paragraph.

Today’s other accomplishments: Six icons for Ideo’s next issue and already uploaded, two written crits, one Skype crit where I suddenly figured out KellyS’s theme and pointed out every single little place where she’d set a marker.

I’m damn grateful I can see it in others’ work, even if I can never figure out my own.

No dogs ate anything untoward today. Or regurgitated it. This is also considered a win.

My new back fence has been painted, the garden beds have been cleaned out for spring, and the daughter-in-law and I are making plans to kill the remaining ivy, lose the bougainvillea if I absolutely must in order to take out the small section of falling-down fence separating the back yard from the side, and replace the bougainvillea with my miniature orange tree.

I have a good book that I have not yet finished reading.

And I have a day off tomorrow.

Life is good.

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Running away from home


only means you have to return when the weekend’s over.

Rats. Although I still have the half-morning here, a meet-up with Kelly in WC, and then, if time permits, a quick visit with the ex sister-in-law in Pleasanton before I zip home.

But I have yarn–a lovely kettle-dyed sock-weight merino wool–and I am trying my hand at knitting Estonian lace, which is charted, thank heavens, because it’s very complex. I haven’t figured out why the last stitch on one side is sl only, and I must be doing something wrong because it is obviously Not Right, but darned if I can figure out what it is. There will be research once I get home and before I add any more rows to it.

Estonian lace is not easy. So far I’ve ripped four and five rows worth back to nothing and cast on again five or six times. I’m at row four again right now, and except for that strange stitch, it’s all good.

For now. And it’s only a scarf, which proves I am not completely insane.

And apparently I will be adding another two prints to my Floy Zittin collection. I have one of her cranes. Now i’ve got a goldfinch and another perching bird that I have completely blanked on coming. Don’t know where I’ll hang them just yet–maybe in my office. Both make me very happy.

While here, I had the pleasure of introducing my friend Karen to Mary Rickert’s work. I forced had her read “Was She Good, Was She Bad?” in Holiday, which I begged Mary to send me after she’d read most of it at Wiscon aloud. Karen hasn’t quite recovered yet. All of us are ex- (or practicing–guess who!) kinder teachers, and I think it’s so funny that the horrific stems from dealing with small children all day.

Okay, so maybe it’s only me. Shush.

This trip has been a lovely, lovely break from reality. Too bad I have to go back to work on Tuesday.

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It’s official.


We’ve achieved graduate!

Okay, we’ve achieved two. The daughter-in-law graduated from UCLA last week but is not walking in the May ceremony. Go us! Now, anyone in need of a forestry major or a soon-to-be nursing student with a major in neurobiology?

Also, we are home. The Slug and boyfriend, plus the rental van, made it across the snow-covered Rockies and are driving through Las Vegas. Heaven knows where we’re going to put her stuff.

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Very busy


past two days, and I will be putting my rear in a chair today.

To do report cards.

Yeah, there’s no let up.

But yesterday was great. The Freeway Dragons arrived about 11A and we sat around the kitchen table for five hours–chatting about all sorts of things, including books. Just like a con bar chat, but in my house, without all the other conversations surrounding us, and with dogs. One snoring dog, in particular.

I fed everyone, we talked some more, and then they left.

Lots of fun, and no pressure about critiquing fiction for this one. This was my first meeting with Jenn and Chris, and while I know Rachel and Mike–I last saw them, I think, at WFC in San Jose.

I learned that I am extremely remiss in the art of television viewing and in streaming Netflix. Sadly, I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon. Too much to do. See above.

Then, as soon as they left, I whipped around, changed into dressier clothes and drove an hour to Ojai to a recital. My voice teacher and another student do a recital every year, and I finally got to go. The music selection was all French Impressionism (did you know that there was an Impressionist movement in music about the same time as Impressionism hit the art world? I hadn’t known until Paul mentioned some of the pieces they were doing. Makes perfect sense, but I’d had no idea.) pieces. Elaine sang some arias and art songs, and Paul played mostly Ravel–some familiar, Pavane pour une infante défunte, say, and several unfamiliar, like Une barque sur l’océan:

for example. Elaine sang Le Papillon et la fleur, which I loved,

and the strangest to my ear– L’Enigme eternelle:

Take away from this? I still adore Ravel, and I’m going to have to buy more music.

Meanwhile, the house is mostly cleaned (downstairs, no one went up, so it wasn’t on my list) and I can focus.

On my report cards. Dagnabit.

Because it would have been nice to say I could focus on the rewrite. Any rewrite. The novel, frex. Or one of the short stories. Or the novel. Or, perhaps, the novel.

So far this NaNoReWriMo has been a bust. Maybe my NaNoReWriMo should be a NaMaReWriMo. There’s only one holiday in March and I usually have a week off. Right now, since it’s about halfway through, I’m figuring I’ll be lucky to rewrite 5K.

And thank heavens, it slows a tiny bit next week. Where ‘slows’=’parent conferences and half days with kids’. So yeah, not exactly slow. But after this week, it feels a lot easier.

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Happy is as happy does.


So yesterday ended up being all about attending another Eagle Court, and then slipping away during dinner to run to a concert–this one with organ, trumpet, harp, and flute. Mind you, not all at the same time. Three trumpet voluntaries (which music I adore. All of them. Just because.)  and the harp and organ piece was amazing because I could hear the harp. The flute and organ pieces were yum, and there was Bach to end with. So yay! A lovely concert and well worth the hour and a half spent listening to glorious music.

Today? It was supposed to be all housework, but my car went in for tuneup work and tire rotations, and then we ordered the STICKLEY RECLINERS. O.O (I am going to have to love these forever. Trust me.) f_89-0369RL_SpinReclinBustlBK_o_s_

And I got the perfect picture to hang in the bathroom above my tub.  “Saturday Afternoon” by Ramona Youngquist. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me nor how perfectly–how absolutely perfectly!–this sets off the end of the room. If only my design choices were so perfect. romona-youngquist-saturday-afternoonPlus, I managed it by keeping colors in my head versus carrying the paint chip and tile and wood sample with me. So yay! I may never leave my bathroom again. (Did I tell you it is perfect? Ohmystarsandgarters, indeedy.)

But no progress on anything remotely resembling w.r.i.t.i.n.g. I guess that will be later. Like, tonight later. And I will have to show up online to make certain I do not shirk. Because you know, I could be in my bathroom, enjoying the peace.


So I may not be progressing as much as I’d like, but hey. I’m a happy girl.

ETA: I do not know why LJ won’t insert the image like it’s supposed to. *scowls*

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