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And what is better than


conjunctivitis in one eye?

How about a double whammy? And asthma for good measure?

I think I’m giving up on today and going to bed soon.

The only funny part about this has been my daughter and her frenzied swiping of the entire house with the vat of Lysol wipes I purchased at her request.

Her: Mom, what else have you touched today?
Me: The washing machine. The drier. Your clean clothes that I threw on your bed.
Her: Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!
Me: The cookie containers. Uh…
Her: The cheese! You touched the cheese!
Spouse: Don’t wipe it in your eye!
Her: I hate you all.

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Do Not Touch Me


Improved laryngitis! All new, now with added conjunctivitis for even more grief!

And best of all–in both eyes!

Are we done yet? Please?

Doctor visit this morning at the local urgent care. I don’t mess with conjunctivitis ever since I had pink eye in both eyes several years back and my eyes swelled closed.

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Sick redux


When I wasn’t paying close attention, whatever I had a couple of weeks ago decided to pull a sneak attack.

The good news is that it’s not as bad this time around. The bad news is… well, it’s back and I’m exhausted. Bed is looking mighty good. The voice is barely holding up, and I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t go completely bye-bye.

Writing? Well, I chopped some more words, and then decided I’m not in my right mind, and before I slice and dice any more, I should just go lie down.

This week is all about Valentines and hearts and crafts, and I’m looking forward for it all to die a messy death on Friday. I can tell I’m out of it because I don’t care.

The only really good thing about today was reading Interrupting Chicken to my class. No wonder I’m so tired–I’ve got a classroom full of interrupting chickens.

So Ibuprofen and bed. And tomorrow will be another day.

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It’s lovely. Or not.


Haven’t had laryngitis in a year or so, and tomorrow will be delightful.

Yes, as I told Amber tonight, I’ll have to resort to using CVC and our limited sight words in four-word sentences or find a kindergarten human microphone. The obvious choice this year won’t work because the unbridled power would go to his/her head.

Sentences on the board it is! Augmented with my bell.

Because I have very little brain (It’s been spent asking myself, Is it time for more meds? How ’bout now? How ’bout now?) the writing was difficult tonight. Mingling chunks of new prose with old chunks and smoothing it out isn’t easy anyway, but tonight?

Wow. I could have been chiseling ice off an iceberg and gluing chunks together for a raft.

I’m sure I’ll hate it tomorrow, but I’ll fix it then.

And because teh sick has fried my brain, I can’t remember to work on what I’m supposed to be working on: the rewrite of the other end. Because I have to get that out to the Posse. Needless to say, they won’t be getting it tonight.

Maybe tomorrow. If I have a brain.

Eldest child: Hi! How are you?
Me: Hi.
EC: *stops cold* Oooooooooh. You sound like Darth Vader.

Yes, dagnabit. Because I’m using my chest voice. D’oh. No, there was no voice lesson today and I’m cranky about having to cancel.

Still, there’s a positive in all this. I can breathe heavily on my kinders tomorrow. We share everything, right?

Might as well start with the cold they shared first.

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Let the zonking out begin


Today wasn’t completely a waste. I walked. I popped onto Trillian to meet up with Amber and I wrote like I should have. One hundred words and I managed to merge the new section in with the original smoothly enough to say it’s okay for a draft. Although I only have a paragraph or two before I have to write new words again.

But in between walking and writing?

Anti-knitting, three rows so far and probably another one or two to go before I have the correct number of stitches on the needles. I’ve been knitting at my desk where the light is good, but clearly I am not paying close attention. I’m going to start counting stitches at the end of every row and not merely being satisfied that I ended on the right stitch.

The rash continues, which of course brings me to the Benedryl-enduced nap. Since I just took another, I expect only a few more minutes of consciousness.

Other things I managed today include a short trip to the grocery store, finally watching one of the taped shows from last week and rejecting the Castle episode because hey, Benedryl.

Life is teeming with excitement around here.

In addition, I think the latest kinder plague has gotten to me. Scratchy throat and achy all over, and an occasional moment when I suddenly suspect I’ve caught on fire, so it’s just as well I did not exert myself to clean the frig and sew the drape panels together like I’d planned. After all, there’s always tomorrow, right?

Besides, I’m still engrossed in House Name which I didn’t pick up last night because the drugs hit me like a ton of bricks. So now I’m off to read while I can still keep my eyes open.

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If a sinus infection


feels like someone just smacked you hard on the cheekbone, enough to reverberate…

then I’ve got one.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to school I go. I bet I’m gonna be cranky. Allllllllllllll day.

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