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Voice on other end of phone: Which Republican candidate will you folks be supporting in the upcoming elections? *inhales, preparatory to reading the long list of names*

Me: You know, I’m not the Republican in this family.

Voice: *choking ensues.* *EEEEEEE! Shields up! Shields up! Contagion alert!* Um… uh… well, we’ll call back at some other time.

You just do that. The same Democrat will answer the phone and spook you again.

(Next time, I’m going to pretend I am the Republican in this family, answer no to every single name, and then tell the person that a choice between crazies means I’ll be voting Democrat. How long will they keep this number on their list?)

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Sick redux


When I wasn’t paying close attention, whatever I had a couple of weeks ago decided to pull a sneak attack.

The good news is that it’s not as bad this time around. The bad news is… well, it’s back and I’m exhausted. Bed is looking mighty good. The voice is barely holding up, and I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t go completely bye-bye.

Writing? Well, I chopped some more words, and then decided I’m not in my right mind, and before I slice and dice any more, I should just go lie down.

This week is all about Valentines and hearts and crafts, and I’m looking forward for it all to die a messy death on Friday. I can tell I’m out of it because I don’t care.

The only really good thing about today was reading Interrupting Chicken to my class. No wonder I’m so tired–I’ve got a classroom full of interrupting chickens.

So Ibuprofen and bed. And tomorrow will be another day.

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The hardest thing


about writing is getting started.

It’s been three months since I last really looked at the novel, let alone rewrote anything. That’s a big gap, and it’s an even bigger hurdle in my head.

So I went on Skype and opened up Trillian, but I didn’t actually make it into chat because it was dinner, and then my tummy was full and I was sleepy, although I was awake enough to skim Twitter, and Dru wanted to know my NaNo name (kinderteach), so I actually had to register there and then check out the site.

And then I was sleepier, so I went to bed.

No. Writing.

Bad writer. No biscuit.

Tonight, I’m going to park myself on Skype and Trillian, and tell myself I’m going to read up to where I left off. And hopefully, I won’t decide I absolutely must have Scrivner 2.0 before I start (although I will) and that will be a cinch to download (although it won’t be, don’t ask about the *!%&*! ISP) and I will complete the reading.

Just to see where I am. Because I don’t remember. It’s been that freaking long.

Little steps. Teeny tiny baby steps.

In other news, if you have a heart attack or become unconscious and stop breathing, I can keep you alive. I’ve absorbed enough first aid from the Scouts in my family that most of the information was quite familiar. I guess you have to have a Spousling who not only makes the fake blood but acquires a bone from the butcher to create an illusion of a multiple fracture, so the group can find him on the trail and practice first aid.

Never did it myself, but I heard aaaaaaaalllllll about it.

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Let the snarking begin!


No new rewriting the past two days. Saturday’s writing was all about nailing the first chapter and sending it out to the posse. (Which they ripped apart, and came up with… Not Much. And KellyM thrilled me by telling me it was starting to look like a Book. Eeeeeee.)

Jenni gave me a few tweaks to work on, and I’m doing those tonight before I do the rewriting. I’d be doing them now, except, well… I’m writing this, while waiting for the Spousling to return so we can head to Santa Barbara to see my mom, my sister, and one of my brothers and his family.

Half a family reunion! (Sans kids, though. Once you throw in the kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids, we start looking like a convention.)

Writing out tonight, and probably more once I get back home. The laptop’s coming with me this wedding veil trip north (yeah, another. At least it’s not a dress.) and I’ll find time between now and Friday to nail the rest of those words.

(Conversation between Spousling and me ensues:

Him: Is that hard to follow?
Me: I missed the antecedent.

How often do you get to use ‘antecedent’ in casual conversations? Grammarians. *tsk* :P)

And now we’re off! (And the fog is burning off here, which means it might burn off in SB before 2P. Maybe.)

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