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Life is so much fun when you’re certifiable


The knee is still swollen. I have no idea how long for it to subside, so my imagination is adding months to my original concept of a week or two.


The knee doesn’t belong to me yet. The skin is tight; when I rub my hand along it, the minimal sensation bothers me. That’s due to the pressure stocking, I suppose. One more day for that thing, and I can’t wait, I’m telling you.

The post-surgical checkup is tomorrow. Then there will be physical therapy. I don’t know how long that will run. Since I’m walking normally, taking the stairs normally, I’m hoping not long. And I really want the release to return to my normal activities–walking the dog and hitting the gym. I guess we’ll see how my return to school goes. If I don’t swell more there, then maybe everything will be okay fairly soon.

There’s clicking in this knee, though, which didn’t use to be there. Ominous clicking. Time-bomb clicking. I’m just praying no knee replacement in its future clicking.

However, I’ve slept enough to catch up on my rest. Yesterday, I opened a short story and wrote. (Okay, rewrote. And did some research.)

I can’t remember the last time I’ve done that. Probably since last summer. It’s a start. Which means I have five more days to get my head wrapped around the story and getting it done. At some point, I’ll be able to share it with the Freeway Dragons–I don’t think I have yet.

Today, there’s some up and around for me. I have some housework I want to  accomplish, although it’ll be light housework. And since I have choir tonight, I have to find some pants I can put my swollen knee in without cutting off that leg’s circulation. I’m a little worried about that, since I think I have one pair of jeans and maybe a pair of sweatpants. It will make dressing for school a tad interesting next week if so.

In other news, I discovered The Bloggess and her entry for her 16th wedding anniversary. I’ve fulfilled all my spouse’s suspicions that I’m crazed by laughing hysterically, and I think he will continue to remember this when our next anniversary rolls around. If nothing else, he might not open the front door with an easy mind.

My torture here is done. ;)


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Morning commentary, before coffee


Spouse, to me as I start down the stairs: Would you like me to go first or watch in horror as you fall?

Good news: less pain than I thought

Not-quite-as-good news: Muscle aches due to using arms for crutches and lifting, and neck muscles. I am now sitting upright to drink just because.

I have not recovered all of my ability to think clearly quite yet. It’s taking me forever to get a backup plugin for Google Drive installed on WordPress, and I can’t be sure it’s not me. I spooked last night when I didn’t think my Mac was charging as it should–when it was. By then I’d moved the charger to three different outlets and was on the way to freaking out.

Well, d’oh. Amber, dummy, does mean it’s charging.

Today I’m more awake and level-headed, so I think the anesthesia has mostly worked its way out and the pain meds don’t have quite the same impact. Note: my family may disagree.

Now, off to try a Skype attempt with the daughter who is trying on wedding dresses without me. You have to love the digital age.


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On the other side…


and sleepy, at the moment. Good drugs are good.

The crutches are not as bad as I thought, now that I really need to use them, the machine that keeps my ice pad cold and the swelling down–not that you can tell, because the knee is twice the size as the other, is working well.

Now rest and relaxation, and bed in a bit when I can get myself up the stairs.

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Overheard, the morning of surgery


Spouse: Did you remember to bring the tiara and boa for the photos when she comes out of anesthesia?

Daughter: I told you that was your job!!

(I swear, this family. I told them no photos of me drooling, but I have little confidence. The daughter has already told me she is SO watching my operation–which the surgeon thoughtfully provides for take-home viewing. I, however, will NOT.)

Time to join the traffic slugfest on the 101 and inch toward Van Nuys.

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