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Made it


But it was the longest drive ever–ten hours. Not because it’s a ten-hour drive, mind you, but because the car began overheating halfway there.

I limped it all the way here, and today is all about getting it to the mechanic.

But yay! I’m here. And after yesterday, that’s saying something.

Note: When impatient, do not remove the coolant cap (even if you do it just like your father used to do) when the car’s not quite cool enough. The geyser is spectacular, let me tell you.

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I want my week back, please.


There has been little accomplished on the novel outline, although it is progressing. Just slower than I like.

Music took a good chunk of my time.  Sunday, a a studio class. Tuesday, my lesson. Wednesday, a mini concert for the University series, and Thursday, four hours of rehearsals for various Easter vigils and Easter morning.

Let’s not include the report cards–which means days of assessment–for my kids.

Anyhow, I got home Friday, stayed upright until 7:30P and fell into bed. Yesterday I took a nap. All I can hope is that I fended off whatever was headed my way illness wise.

School has been stressed out since before break–which was when the district has to send out 67 pink slips. Out of 189 teachers. Which leaves those of us who are ‘safe’ muttering WTF and counting student heads rapidly. Hopefully, we won’t get to that point, because the district’s ultimate hold over the union is class size which would, of course, impact only the elementary schools.

And there is another stressor. A small¬† group of teachers, parents, and an ex-prinicipal are attempting to take over the smallest school in our district as a charter school. Sadly, this particular bid was not generated by parent concern. Our district rejected the proposal, as did the county schools (a miracle!) and is now headed to Sacramento for its final opportunity. Should they succeed, half of the school’s teachers will be mingled into the staffs at the other sites and, worst case scenario, we’ll have another 300-400 children to spread around. Our campus has the space, the newest school has none.

I’m not sure I’m looking forward to anything in the upcoming year, except the kids. And over and above that, I may have as many as 32 students again. Minus a second teacher. Minus an aide.

Retirement is starting to look good, and it’s too bad I have another nine or so to go.

Well. Now that I’ve thoroughly depressed myself, it’s time to get ready for the day. Lovely. At least there will be writing in my future.

ETA: Dammit. I forgot a child’s birthday in all the chaos. Even though we celebrated when she was home, and got her gift and all, it’s still Not Good when your mom forgets the actual day. I’ve probably scarred her for life. Again.

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