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The charming patter of little feet


is not improved when they walk all over you.

Morning came too early.

Tonight they get the box. That was determined by the presence of a so-called gift on the stairs this morning that I did not see until it was too late.

I did not bring everything home with me to finish as I had thought. Half our day is spent going to Glendora and back, another third will be to head out to friends for the evening, and my report cards are still not done. Though I tried.

I tried.

Life still sucks quite a bit. The bright news is that I got my remaining partner permission to move to the vacant classroom next to me. (So apparently my principal REALLY likes me.) Since she’ll be teaching the transitional K’s, she’ll appreciate the extra space.

I should go check on the little monsters. Baxter could be fed and happy enough to destroy another couch. He certainly had enough fling in his step all night to get on and off the bed a bazillion times.

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It’s a dog’s life, continued


Visiting small dog under the dining room table, quietly: *crunch**crunch* *crunch*
Daughter: What have you go…
VSD: *runs*
Daughter: CATCH HIM!
Daughter-in-law: *pins him to the ground* What’s wrong?
Daughter: He’s got a dead rat.
Me, on the way to help: *recoil* Erk. Sorry. I don’t do dead rats.
Daughter-in-law: RELEASE. RELEASE. *tugs back half of rat loose from VSD’s tightly clamped teeth* BAD DOG.
VSD: *licks teeth* Yum. Seconds?
Other dogs: Food? Really? Hey, we’re here for you.
Daughter: NO! *picks up rat half and disposes of it in trash*
Other dogs: *staring at trashcan mournfully* They love that plastic box more than us.
VSD to me: Hi, remember me? I looooooooove you. How ’bout I give you a bath?
Me: *recoil* Don’t touch me!

It’s been over an hour and every time he comes near, I fend him off. See what you’ve missed, Freeway Dragons?

(Also, I’m grateful that there were no maggots. This time.)

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Life with four dogs. As if two weren’t enough.


Thing 1: Scritch me! Scritch me!
Me: Oh, fine. *scritches* O.o Your tummy’s all wet! What? You went swimming in the water bowl?
Thing 2: Scritch me! Scritch me!
Me: *Switches to other thing*
Thing 1: *bites my knuckles*
Me: Those are the scritchy fingers!
Thing 1: *still biting* Don’t believe you. They’re not scritching me.

Silence ensues. A quick check assures me that tummies are full and they’re all asleep. I return to work. Time passes.

Thing 2: *high scream from his throne atop the sofa back*
All the rest of us: *jump* WTH?!
Thing 2: *looks nonchalant* Nothing. Why are you all looking at me?
All the rest of us: *hard stare*
Me: You got your claw stuck in your ear again, didn’t you?

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First official day of vacation and I hacked out 1k on an unfinished short.

I’m calling that puppy done. Or at least, done until tonight when the Posse shreds it for me. There’s one scene transition that I’m a bit uncertain of, but after burning my brain for all the missing bits I had to add, I wasn’t going to mess with it. Insecurities can wait until I know there’s a reason for them.

In other news, one dog has slipped through the fence and run away (My first clue was me thinking how nice and quiet it was. I thought that three times before I asked myself WHY is it so nice and quiet, and who’s missing?) while the other puppy just chewed the lower foot of insulation stripping off the slider. Currently they are racing around like mad things, with little growls.

Another day and a half. I may die, and I won’t even be here tomorrow because I’m back at school. Cleaning. Bleh.

Today’s writing focus is back on the outline for the novel. I’m kind of thinking I should lay in a supply of sticky notes in various colors and shapes since the strips of paper worked so well on the short. If I can get the first third outlined solidly, it’ll make rewriting a breeze.

Unlike some, I don’t mind rewriting. By then I’ve got the germ of the tale fleshed out, I know the characters, and I have a good idea of where I have to go emotionally and plotwise. Of course, the tenth time through something, I’m about ready to kill a draft, so I do have my limits.

The pups are quiet all of a sudden. It’s time to check up on them, and see what mischief they’ve found. Because it’s not like they’re going to be snoozing peacefully or anything like that.

We’re talking demon pups. (I’m sure their eyes are glowing red in the infrared spectrum, and I just can’t see it.)

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Return of the Monsters


Thing 1, Thing 2: We’re here! We’re here! Did you miss us?

Me: Uh…

Thing 2, Thing 2: Look! The yard’s still here! Look! The big dog is here! Look! Harley is here! Look! The yard’s still here! Look! The big dog is here! Look! Harley is here! Look! The yard’s….

Middle Son: We’re watching Shasta. She may have swallowed my Concerta when I dropped it. If she did, it’ll speed her up.

Me: O.O

Thing1: Look! Everything’s here!

Thing2: I’m not sure. Check again! Look! The yard’s still here! The big dog is her–

Big Dog: *SNARLS*

Thing1: I’m pretty sure she did that the last time.

Thing2: Harley’s here! Look! An ear to chew! *chews*

Harley: Oh, for dog’s sake….

Big Dog: *mutters under her breath*

Thing1: I’m going to watch my people cut those tall things I pee on.

Thing2: Look! The yard’s still here!

Me: Have they eaten? Full tummies might slow them down.

Middle Son: I didn’t check their bowls. They might have forgotten to eat first thing.

Me: *sets full bowls down*

Harley: *drools while we hold him back*

Thing1, Thing2: Food!

Thing1: Yum!

Thing2: Wait, your food’s better. *switches bowl*

Thing1: Fine.

Harley: Look! No one’s eating from that one! It’s abandoned!

Me: Stay!

Harley: But!


Harley: *snuffles* FINE. Let me starve.

Thing1: Okay, I guess she wants it more than I do. *abandons bowl*

Thing2: *finishes that bowl* Huh. Maybe the first bowl was better.

Thing1: But what about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Middle Child: Oh, for dog’s sake. *holds bowl so Thing1 can eat and Thing2 can’t get to the kibble*

Harley: *sniffs* It’s so sad. I would have appreciated it way more than them.

Thing2: Look! It’s the yard.

Thing2: Look! It’s the big dog.

Thing2: Look! An ear to chew on!

Harley: Oh, for dog’s sake….

Big Dog: *growls*

Me: Wow, they did slow down. Full tummies make it difficult to run at the speed of light.

Big Dog: Look! I’m still here! I’ll play with you! *pounce* *pounce* *pounce*

Me: Oh, for dog’s sake….

No, I haven’t written this morning. One guess why.

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Dog sitting, day one. Morning.


Thing 1, Thing 2: You’re up! You’re up! The Other Boy did not feed us! Feed us! Feed us!

Mom: *feeds* (Amazed by the fact that Harley does not appear to drool. Oh. He’s chewing the rawhide chew he stole from the little dogs last night. D’oh.)

Thing 1, Thing 2: We haven’t been out either.

Mom: There’s a dog flap for that.

Thing 1, Thing 2: We couldn’t find it in the dark.

Mom: It’s light! But that would explain the wet spot on the stair, Bait. *opens door and leaves it open, grateful for teeny tiny bladders*

Thing 1, Thing 2: *race out, race in, run in circles*

Mom: Wait, no one peed.

Thing 1, Thing 2: We didn’t have to.

Mom: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Thing 1, Thing 2: *race in circles inside*

Mom: Well, I see that we don’t have to walk you two. You run yourselves.

Thing 1, Thing 2: *jump* Walk! Walk!

Mom: Later. Let the food digest first.

Thing 1, Thing 2: *pout for two seconds, then run wildly about*

Several minutes pass as I clear the top of my desk.

Mom: !

Mom: Where’s Baxter?!

Thing 2: *shrug*

Harley: *shrug*

Mom: *searches inside* No Baxter. *searches outside* No Baxter. *wakes Slug*

Slug: I’ll go outside and look.

Mom: I’ve already done– *door slams* –that. *discovers Zoey is still in her box and unfed* I thought Your Boy was walking you! *releases dog from prison and feeds, while Harley drools beside her*

Slug: *reappears with Baxter in arms* He was nosing around the Middle Child’s car.

Mom: *eyes unrepentant dog who is ecstatic to see the lost Mom reappear* Like I make my kids sleep in cars. No, they abandoned you! *sottovoce to Slug* How many more days before I get to go back to school?

My wait time has now shortened to three minutes of not hearing/seeing the little dogs before I go in search of Baxter. Dammit. I’m not going to get anything done until naptime.

Couch Watch: Unchewed.

ETA: Furniture legs have sprouted on the loveseat and couch. The upside down coffee table blocks access to the couch. The upside down ottoman performs the same task for the loveseat. No, I did not do this.

ETA2: Spousling just yelled, “Baxter off the couch!” Furniture legs must not be the deterrent he thought. D’oh.

Novel update: I have three acts for each character and turning points for each. Go me. (But nothing got done while I was at Mom’s. Go figure.)

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