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A vacation means never having to say good morning


So I may not be in the classroom, but I’m up at 6A anyway. I can’t even blame the dogs this morning. It’s all about training my body.

My new toy arrived yesterday about noon. The FedEx man and I nearly greeted each other with open arms–he, thrilled because his daughter had just gotten into her first choice college, and me, because… well, a Mac. What’s not to love?

Tinkering commenced immediately.

I’m slowly learning my way around the thing. The transition between the two keyboards is giving me some angst, but that’ll settle down as I get used to the smaller board. I have not learned the touchpad yet, but I will. Eventually. I have to run though that screen again and practice. For the record, I love the pinch.

I just wish I’d known that when I opened the darn thing and got it running. I could not figure out the trick of getting screens to grow. The two-finger, three-finger, and four-finger stuff I’ll get to eventually.

But the biggest change is that I have to find the exit on the left. A small thing, really, when you consider differences, but there annoying at the moment since I have to consciously remember.

I already have downloaded Skype and Scrivener. I’ve played in Scrivener and watched a couple of videos. I’m going to have to play some more. Definitely. This is not Word. At all.

But all in all, a good experience, and not only can I drag the trash to the trashcan (I couldn’t when I first tried a Mac in the mid-90s and I was still using Win 3.1, but everyone else in that class could, and no, I am not scarred by that experience.) I can empty the trash!

Little steps. Little goals.

And for the record, the iPod landed in Anchorage, got sent on to Tennessee, and is now winging its way west again. That thing’s nearly been around the world and has traveled way more than me. I would be jealous except for the whole in a box thing, and the FedEx employees tossing their shipments around.

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Tracking FedEx


If NORAD had tracked Santa when I was five, my parents would never have gotten me to bed.

Since FedEx has thoughtfully given me two tracking numbers, I am on it. Several times a day. (We won’t spell out just how many several equals, because that would be embarrassing.)

My computer left Shenzhen yesterday. Last night it was in Memphis. This morning, Burbank.

Burbank! Come to me, my little chickadee!

Barring any unforeseen accidents, I rather expect it this afternoon. It wasn’t scheduled to arrive until the 22nd. I’m quite happy it’s arriving sooner.

The Nano iPod, however, left Shenzhen on Tuesday. It took an eastern route, and went to Hong Kong. It got there Tuesday and was scheduled to be delivered today.

It is still in Hong Kong. Every morning they scan it and announce it is still there. Apparently there are no flights from Hong Kong to the US. And since Apple has already charged me for the device, which I don’t have in my grasping little fingers yet, I’m wondering just how long it will take to escape Hong Kong.

They’ll scan it again in another half hour or so and I’ll discover if it’s moved.

I’m guessing not.

But still! Computer! Oh, be still my little techie heart!

ETA: Now it’s in Canoga Park–and going the long way round. But it’s cross commute, once it gets out of the valley.

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