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How you know it was


an electronics kind of Christmas around here:

The Spousling is playing the Slug’s Wii (on the old television) while watching football on the new flatscreen.

::insert horrified face::

The old television’s moving to the Slug’s room. Stat.

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Day three


of wallpaper removal.

Mostly done except for a final strip across the ceiling, but then I realized there was more lurking behind the stove. After dealing with this vinyl-coated ick, we are returning the steamer and not attempting the bathroom walls.

For, ick, more vinyl-coated stuff there. I should have known from the paper we removed from our bedroom, lo these many years ago.

As of right now, I’m never wallpapering anything again, and relying on faux-paint techniques if I want texture/pattern on the walls. Because damn, the removal is just yoooooooooooou-gly. Made especially so by the originally great application of this stuff.

Washing walls is next. Another ugly task. Paint will seem a breeze by comparison.

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Oh, so grateful…


Yesterday, when I got home at 5P, my computer had a blank screen. With an error message.

It couldn’t load Windows.

Now, we had purchased a new hard drive for it. With 1TB of memory… and the Spousling had chosen to install it yesterday and had gotten stuck.

I was not prepared for this. I had not backed up everything I’d owned in a few weeks, although the novel was on the new memory stick, some stuff was on the laptop, but I had been lax. And if I’d had any idea he would have chosen yesterday as ‘switch out the hard drive’ day, I would have backed everything and its brother, aunt, neighbor, little girl down the street, and the cat next door up.

Consider this your friendly reminder to back your stuff up now.

Note: By the time I returned from the choir event (singing Gregorian chant for a lecture on the missions) the new hard drive was up and running.

Do you supposeĀ  it was the look on my face when I realized what he had done?

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