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I do not quite know


how that honking big needle with the six-strand floss through it migrated from the kitchen countertop to my office rug…

but I really regret finding it with my bare foot. If the nerve endings on my sole ever stop screaming, I will continue with my thread-purchasing plan.

On a completely unrelated note, why is it that I have over 180 spools of thread, but not the shade I need?

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Fixing the trim edges with Marsha


1. Buy a $17.00 3/4″ angled flat art brush. My guess is that the bristles came from a very feisty camel who fought for every single hair.

2. Return home and open white paint. Dip brush. Paint toast color spatters on white trim and straighten edges.

3. Say “Oh, shit.”

4. Begin infinite loop now. Thirty minutes pass.

5. Pour a large glass of wine. Take a drink.

6. Begin new infinite loop, steps 2-5. Another thirty minutes pass.

7. Get off floor. Consider edges. Debate briefly about doing brown over the bits of white that are on the wall.

8. Take a drink.

9. Say “Hell, no.”

10. Wash brush out.

11. Drain glass of wine and pour another.

No trim inspection by the Freeway Dragons allowed on Saturday. I’m just sayin’. Count your blessings you have a toilet available.

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I think I’m coming down with the plague a cold, passed along by the coughs and sneezes love and affection by my kinders.

I knew I was in trouble yesterday, when two different kids coughed on me. I can fend off most germs–but the ones you can’t dodge when they’re aimed right at your face? Yeah, no.

With any luck it will be early bedtime tonight. (Provided I find the energy to do the cleaning I must do first. I’ve tried looking for my missing energy in a beer, but it wasn’t there. Nor was it in my dinner. I’m left to search for it in the things I must clean.)

My new phone has sucked some of that time and energy away. I broke down and got a touchscreen with a keyboard this time. So far, I love it, but it’s also a time-sink. I have to maneuver around three screens, multiple buttons, and shut down modes. I turned off the lock today, because that was darned annoying. Tonight I found where my voicemail was hiding, changed the ringtone, and threw some addies into my contacts.

Of course, I’m starting from scratch. My first phone died and took the sim card with it. The other phone died, and while I can hope AT&T can recover my info, I’m not counting on it. If I ever had your number before, it is desaparacido now.

Send it, please, or call me.

Maybe by then, I’ll even know how to save it in my contacts without taking freaking forever.

(Or you could wait a day or two until I learn all its twisty labyrinths.)

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Of course.


Rain. And it’s the first full day of kindergarten.

I’m trapped in a classroom with 21 wiggly little bodies. Send sugar.

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In which confusion reigns


Two days out of the classroom screwed with my sense of time this week. Tuesday was Monday. Wednesday was Tuesday. Thursday was… Friday. Yeah. Because Friday was apparently Thursday, an entire day spent at the Ventura Court system fulfilling my jury duty for the year.

I was so messed up, I missed a voice lesson and had to reschedule. In five years, I’ve never missed a scheduled voice lesson.

Today, I’m stunned, but I do know it’s Saturday. That’s all about sleeping in until 7A this morning. Which may have something to do with the being stunned. Along with not enough caffeine.

Yesterday was not wasted, however. They never called a jury panel, so I had plenty of writing time. I dissected my feathers story, chopping and pasting bits and scenes into a new document and adding new bits and scenes as needed. It’s not done, and I have a Tuesday deadline for it. I’m hoping today will get me a rough draft and I’ll have the rest of the time to smooth and polish it.

Housework looms. As does getting the dog in for a trim. As does finishing the tiny landscape and cleaning out the frig.

Mostly, though, I’m tired and hoping that applying lots of coffee will activate me. The idea is to clean early, seeing that it’s going to be hot, and then place my butt in the chair after.

I just remember I’m gone a second weekend after this coming one. I need to install a gigantic mental calendar because the juggling I’m doing with the limited one I’ve got isn’t working well these days.

And now I’m really tired because I remembered a concert I am going to tomorrow night, and right now it’s all about staying home and cocooning. Bleh.

I’m sure everything will turn around, though. Like maybe right after a nap.

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You’re my only hope.



Because school is first and foremost in my brain, I have allowed myself to finish every entire pile of bedside books.

Why is this a problem?

I have nothing left to read. I am looking for suggestions. Any and all. I mostly read in the SF and mystery genres–mysteries are fairly limited, however, with a tendency to gobble historical mystery series in particular.

I’m open, in other words.

Anything that you’ve read recently that has been amazingly good?

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