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Harley’s back from the vet.

He’s got congestive heart failure and most likely 3-4 months with the meds he was given today.

The Daughter is having a hard time, and I’m remembering Muffy who died when I was 16, and why I never wanted another dog.

On the good side, the pills will kick in right away and he should be feeling better soon. But the diagnosis does explain our recent morning drags.

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The good news is that I am not switching sites. While I’m not 100% certain I’m staying at grade level, I would be shocked if they moved me to any other grade. I have to wait until tomorrow to be sure.

The bad news?

One of my kinder partners–the one who’s taught with me for twenty-one of my twenty-two years–is moving to another school.

I don’t know who is replacing her yet.

Today was traumatic. Most of us have taught at the same site for at least ten years–and that’s long enough to create a family.

Today our family was ripped apart.

Shock. Tears. Hugs.


Staying doesn’t mean it will be all right. I’m just hoping that the fused teams get to the same level of partnership we had before.

And that’s not going to happen overnight.

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To begin with


You have to know that there were three families living side by side, and that each family possessed six kids.

Eighteen kids in a span of three houses.

There was always someone to play with. If we wanted to play football, we had enough–although a few of those children were a little too young. Basketball? No problem. Ping pong tournaments in the summer? You bet.

We shared the same street for over twenty years.

We still get together. It used to be the Harvard annual picnic. Then we moved it to once a decade. Our last time together was last May, and while not everyone made it, we had a great time. It’s amazing how the sight of older faces pull you back into your childhood and how those familiar friendships have never died.

But today we are seventeen.

I cannot tell you how sad this makes me. Mario was only fifty.

Good thoughts and prayers for his family, please.

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