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Thanks be to


Amber, I managed to show up online in chat, she said go, and I rewrote.

Only two pages, and it was difficult, so closer to thirty minutes rather than fifteen, and there you go. Two pages more on the novel since last October.

Progress, and I’m clinging to it. All I have to do this afternoon is rinse and repeat. Well, except for Amber. She’s out roller skating and I am on my own. We’ll see how I do. It was not horribly painful to return to rewriting mode once I began.

It’s ALL about the beginning and overcoming inertia.

I felt as though I accomplished progress at voice yesterday, too. I’ll practice like heck today (that’s what a commute is for, right?) and see if it stuck. This whole head voice/chest voice/legit vs. belt is opaque for me. I try to reach for whatever Paul is directing me toward and don’t have much sense that I know what I’m doing without his coaching. For me, it’s about being able to use whatever technique is necessary for the piece. Kind of like writing.

As for school, I’m back and I rearranged our schedule. The mornings had been chaotic what with trying to do an hour of groups, a half-hour of RtI, and another half-hour of computer time. I fought to keep morning groups though–twenty some years of the stuff is hard to break, but threw in the towel yesterday.


I was less stressed. I felt as though I accomplished more in LA, simply because it was all in one chunk, and got through the day without wanting to run away. Although the budgetary stuff is still worrying me. Life is not going to be good for the public sector any time soon, let me tell you. I’m also worrying that the powers that be will try to increase the kid count–some districts around here are back up to 30 per class in the lower grades.

I’ve been there. Talk about frustration. A little group of seven or eight kids is not easy to manage when you’ve got a rotation of four groups and no other adults to restrain them.

Still. That’s next year’s worries. Today I just have to survive. And not be exhausted by 9P.

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Here we go a-rambling (but first, a whine from our sponsor)


It’s been… a week. A long week. And it’s not done yet. Meetings, meetings, meetings–including one based on another do-over of the report card, switching it to standards based.

This time, finally, we are starting with a nearby district’s own online report card and changing it to suit our needs, rather than creating our own. Still not perfect, but kinder had theirs done in an hour and a half of discussion.

And I volunteered for this. Eesh.

Writing proceeds apace. I haven’t really looked at the novel in the past few days. I have added words to a short. It’s not to the end, yet, but it’s getting there. Slowly.

So I’m throwing a spanner into the works and going out of town for the weekend.

Yeah. That’ll show it. Darn tootin’.

(To be safe, I’m taking the laptop and my flash drive once I pry it loose from the jaws of my PC. The computer swears it can’t be disconnected at the moment since it’s in use, and I’m tempted to wipe its lying little brain. There might be writing. But late. And not online. And I know I won’t make it to the Posse’s meetup this weekend, or even get my crit to the appropriate party until mid-week.)

I also reread another unfinished tale–for those of you who remember the dim, distant past, it’s the soul cages one. Amazingly, I was impressed. Way better than I remember, and that final bit not so wandery as I thought when I set the story down and walked away.

It’ll be my second story, I believe. Although, I’m still uncertain as to just how long it’ll be at first draft. It’s 39 pages currently, so there will be lots to tighten.

Finally, the Slug returns to school tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed having her around, despite the fact that she cleaned out her room (and by cleaned out, I mean she moved everything she didn’t want downstairs. In the entry. I hope it finds its way out the front door and to Goodwill today.) I’m not sure what other surprises she has in store for us. She produces best under a tight deadline–not that it’s her best work! It’s just stuff gets done.

But I can’t wait to leave for up north, and since I’m seeing KellyM this time around, I should return geared up to write. Pages and pages!

And, before I forget, happy belated birthday Chance!

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