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A slide into the holiday season


Halloween went past with a bang. I’ve been so involved in organizing curriculum for the next unit, I barely noticed.

But I completely lost all sense of the season yesterday. And then I walked into one of my teaching partners’ room and saw her with a paper bag in her hand.

Paper bags are not known for their ability to terrify.

However, it managed quite nicely to strike fear into my heart. How had I gotten to the sixth of November and not remembered our Indian costume? I’d barely touched on patterning!

So, yeah, I may be keeping it semi-together on a level above, but I’ve lost all contact with the real world in the classroom. I’m planning now for late January and beyond, my homework is getting pulled two weeks in advance, and I’m lost in the future. Here and now? Not. A. Frickin’. Clue.

Today we’re dying macaroni and stringing needles. I’m doing necklaces tomorrow and jackets and headbands next week.

Did I mention report cards? And assessments? (My phonemic awareness assessments are done and bubbled. Now I just have to figure out where to scan them. Another email to the DO. Both my principal and the secretary are out this week.)

Best birthday card ever last week?

My daughter won this year.

Cover: You’re not Old. In fact, let’s have a show of hands–Who thinks the person holding this card is Old?
Inside: A group of kinders with their hands up in the air. Below: Oh, what do they know? They eat Paste, for God’s sake.

Just to be sure, I asked a few kids how old they thought I was. I’ve got some new favorite kids: the ones who answered ten and fourteen. ;)

Thank heavens, it’s a three-day weekend. I need it to plan my crafts through December. I’m not going to lose sense of the overall picture again.

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Day four


went… okay. I mean, I’m still standing, right?

There was that little problem in the computer lab–I only had twenty-five functional computers. Luckily, I only had twenty-five kids.

And then one mouse failed. Repeatedly.

Groups went well.

There were three adults, which explains why. Can I just say that I love my parents this year? I actually have help. Sometimes two and three parent days. I have never had this many volunteers in all thir-mumble years of teaching. I am praying it lasts through the first trimester, and maybe even beyond.

I didn’t finish everything, though, so for the fourth day in a row, I brought work home. Just cutting for one of tomorrow’s groups, but it’s more than I prefer.

After my class left and I ate, I:

-Tested seven first graders on their reading ability.
-Spent fifteen minutes with my newest team member and helped her plan the rest of her week.
-Fought with the new photocopier, which has more bells and whistles than I know what to do with. It takes memory cards! It also has the capability to join our network, which means I might be able to make copies from my classroom. Who’da thunk? (But I did win the ripped paper jam war, even though I lost a little blood in the battle. Which means I got my stuff copied.)
-I ripped and stapled twenty-six first chapters from our math books and wrote names on them.
-I cut a bunch of blue and yellow crayons out for the upcoming weeks’ homework.
-I picked up the room and found where I put the extra four math books for safety.

There’s probably more, but I don’t remember.

I did not make it to the computer lab to see if the last teacher had shut everything down. I guess I’ll find out in the morning.

Tomorrow, I plan to:

-Make a secret signal with the child most likely to not have a green dot day without my help.
-Survive computer lab and groups.
-Test another eight-ten first graders.
-Leave before 5P, since I was there longer than that today and I have a meeting until then on Wednesday and Friday.

And in my copious free time, I am researching appropriately-leveled questions based on Bloom’s taxonomy to use cross district for our lesson plans. Yes, another teacher asked if I had anything.

Of course not. I’m in survival mode!

But I’ll have something for her by Wednesday. :P

I wish I wasn’t so tired, but I can only blame the camping trip to El Capitan State Park. Lovely place, with less than a quarter mile walk to the beach. However I picked the wrong side of the tent to sleep on–I got the mats that weren’t blown up, because the Spouse was going to blow his up when he came to bed. Oops.

I still have one sore hipbone.

I did not snorkel, despite the lure of tiger sharks and big fish in the kelp, nor did I go out in the kayak. I stayed on the beach and managed to avoid all tar until I accidentally stepped in a patch on the pathway to the car. Oops.

The birthday boy was taken with his cake–a beer cake, and made entirely of full beer cans and yards of ribbon. He claims thirty means he’s wise. I pointed out that it only makes him a wise ass. We told embarrassing stories about him and filled the girlfriend/SO in.

All in all, lovely, but I am in recovery mode. Bedtime will arrive about as soon as I finish cutting.

Because, hey. Tomorrow, I do it all again.

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