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Where’s my whipped cream?


So Wednesday, the new principal popped in to whisper in my ear, “I am off campus, the acting principal is home with a sick child, so you’re the principal in charge.”

Woot, not. I immediately turned to my class and told my little nemesis, “So that means if you act up, I have to send you to…. me.” Doom-de-doom-doom. (He did not act up, thankfully.)

Recess arrives and I head to the office to check in. Lots of teachers milling around in the office, several loud voices. One teacher says in tones to carry, “Well, if we have to bring in the older children, I don’t think the kindergartners should be playing outside.” (The kindergartners’ playground is toward the front of the school and blocked by the first grade wing.)

I am then aware of the filled atrium outside the office windows. It’s stuffed with third, fourth, and fifth graders.

The school secretary intercepts me. “Just to let you know, there are dove hunters in the river bed, but Officer X says everything is most likely okay.”

The big kids’ playground backs onto the riverbed. Dove hunting season opened that morning. I didn’t even know we had dove hunting in Fillmore.

But okay. The police are on it. The kids who would have been playing within range (if they were, sound travels, and I imagine bird shot doesn’t have the carrying power of a .45 bullet) are safe. I listen to that one teacher’s concerns, acknowledge them, and move back to the classroom.

We don’t have a district policy of what to do in case of dove hunters. Earthquake? Check. Fire? Check. Tsunami? Check. Dove hunters? Yeah, we haven’t had a school backed onto the riverbed until this year. Wake up. And here I thought the only threats might be mice, lizards, scorpions, and flooding.

It’s mostly a problem of educating hunters, which I am perfectly willing to leave to the police officers in town. I’ve learned from my hunter helper dad yesterday that the rule is you must be 100 yards away from any houses. The riverbed is apparently owned (who knew?) by the properties on either side of the river–the corrals on the opposite side, the builders on this side, and the hunters had to have permission from the land owners in order to be in the riverbed.

Live and learn.

The rest of the week passed in a flurry of activity. Yes, I only have 25 kiddos now. I still have a ton of work to do and it’s not getting better. I was at school until 6P and I could have stayed until 8P and not finished. Monday’s another day. I only have a little prep I brought home, because I’m singing another funeral today (which, by the way, should be awesome musically. I’m expecting two blended choirs of approximately 100 singers and some of them are from the LA Master Chorale.)

The rest of my time is on cleaning and organizing around here. Tomorrow I might get the brakes and a wedding veil done. Because. Plus, I am finishing critting a friend’s novel. I have another 200 pages to read.

Yep, life’s just a bowl of cherries around here.

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A four-hour nap later…

I’m sort of feeling human. The last Valentine’s Day gift I got from my kiddos was a cold. Good thing I have four days off to get myself closer to being well.

It’s been all school this week, between February holiday madness squeezed into one week and the school tossing in a Walk-a-thon on Friday, just because. While I’d love to have the entire week off next week, I’m going to the three days of workshop sessions.

So I got the email with the schedule and I’m reading it, and lo and behold my eyes bug out. There, in black-and-white pixels, is my name.

As a presenter: technology use in the classroom.

So my jaw is hanging open and I’m wondering who or what managed to get my name pasted there. But I shut the computer down and run off to my committee meeting after school, and run into the person in charge of the presentation.

I sidle up to her.

Me: Hey, I saw my name on the list of presenters for the tech thing on Friday?

Her,  with a surprised face, which clears suddenly: I didn’t ask you, did I?!

Me: Um… no. You didn’t.

Her: *laughs*

Me: *not laughing*

Her: I put names on the list; I didn’t think they’d publish them!

Me: *nodding*

Her: Two minutes, talking about how you’re using Ed Caliber for those video clips, that’s all. Two minutes.

Me, still stunned by the entire thing: Oh. Okay. I can probably do two minutes.

There were two other names on that list beside mine. I wonder if they know they’re doing a two-minute presentation on Friday…..

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