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In which confusion reigns


Two days out of the classroom screwed with my sense of time this week. Tuesday was Monday. Wednesday was Tuesday. Thursday was… Friday. Yeah. Because Friday was apparently Thursday, an entire day spent at the Ventura Court system fulfilling my jury duty for the year.

I was so messed up, I missed a voice lesson and had to reschedule. In five years, I’ve never missed a scheduled voice lesson.

Today, I’m stunned, but I do know it’s Saturday. That’s all about sleeping in until 7A this morning. Which may have something to do with the being stunned. Along with not enough caffeine.

Yesterday was not wasted, however. They never called a jury panel, so I had plenty of writing time. I dissected my feathers story, chopping and pasting bits and scenes into a new document and adding new bits and scenes as needed. It’s not done, and I have a Tuesday deadline for it. I’m hoping today will get me a rough draft and I’ll have the rest of the time to smooth and polish it.

Housework looms. As does getting the dog in for a trim. As does finishing the tiny landscape and cleaning out the frig.

Mostly, though, I’m tired and hoping that applying lots of coffee will activate me. The idea is to clean early, seeing that it’s going to be hot, and then place my butt in the chair after.

I just remember I’m gone a second weekend after this coming one. I need to install a gigantic mental calendar because the juggling I’m doing with the limited one I’ve got isn’t working well these days.

And now I’m really tired because I remembered a concert I am going to tomorrow night, and right now it’s all about staying home and cocooning. Bleh.

I’m sure everything will turn around, though. Like maybe right after a nap.

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Cranky meter–high


Wiscon has been set in stone. I have my membership. I have my flight. Unfortunately, I won’t be arriving much before 9P on Thursday, but I will be there.

You had better show, too.

No words (which means a total of zip this month, and after such a good start in January. *is sad* I’ve been attempting to get Bashak’s character arc down pat, and the middle (no surprise there!) is murky. As in opaque. As in now what the hell do I do with this character besides toss him out the window?

I’m going to have to have a chat with him. From the Bashak at the end, where he is repentant, insecure, now that his worst fears have come true, and nearly died. I’m hoping his memories will give me a pointer, because geez. There’s so much to throw away otherwise. Including the bird. Which is fine. Kill the bird off. There won’t be so much as a feather left floating in the air.

You can tell how much this hurts me.

I’m opening that file again today and playing with it after I write Bashak’s little explanation of what he was thinking and feeling.

And maybe what’s-his-name’s too. If you’ve got a voice in your head arguing with you, it ought to be heard. (Oh, yes, and find him a name also. Because WHY NOT? Other than I am lazy and my avoidance level is high.)

School has been rough. Not so much for me personally, but for others around me. A few of us vanished into a local restaurant for margaritas yesterday. That helped. And on the way home, I realized that what I thought has been a pretty bad bout of allergies might actually be a cold. D’oh.

I was in bed by 8:30P. Yes, I’m a wuss. Not much better for the extra rest this morning, although I’m more awake. Which is a plus. Because now I can berate myself for being stupid.

So if only the throat would stop feeling like sandpaper, all would be good. And if Monday would go away, say, because Monday is a full-day meeting for me instead of being in the classroom. Being unable to just say no to people sucks some days. I’m not even going to mention the union squabbles regarding class size reduction or how many jobs it would save or how the people responsible for the union CAN’T COMPREHEND PERCENTAGES, because really. 2½ percent over three years isn’t a total of 7½ percent the third year. D’oh.

Ahem. *lowers her quills*

I guess I’ll be adding another nap into the equation. Maybe that will help the crankiness.

Miracle for the week: The Eldest Child has opened a Roth IRA. O.O

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