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It’s official


The bathroom’s ceiling and walls are denuded and I am dead.

Too bad I have a haircut in a half hour–doesn’t leave me time for much drinking.

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The good news


is that I have the steamer for prying the wallpaper off the ceiling.

The bad news is that I have still have wallpaper on the ceiling.

It was supposed to be done last night, but there was a diversion by the Middle Child and wife–we had to go out to dinner to celebrate his promotion. He’s moving up to middle management, which is not bad for a kid who just had his 25th birthday. He’s happy because his commute will be significantly shorter–but it won’t be official until after he finishes camp. We haven’t decided if this means he’s done with being camp, though. This is his eleventh year at camp and the third as director.

Writing is simmering–but I haven’t managed any word count. Yet. I’ve got three sticky notes in front of me for a short, but I’m looking at what I’ve got in terms of theme, setting, and possible plot, and worrying about it being a novel in disguise.

No. New. Novel.

At least, not until I finish this one. And maybe its sequel.

Then. Maybe. If novelitis hasn’t killed me ded. Ded. DED.

The writing goal for this summer is to finish the novel I have. I have to join up for the Clarion Write-a-thon still, but the bathroom’s gotten in the way of doing much else. You wouldn’t think stripping wallpaper is so taxing, but it is. I revived myself this morning with caffeine and ibuprofen. A quick walk with Harley, and then I’m off to use that steamer all on my own.

Geez, I hate being on a ladder and working over my head.

But it’s a small room. A small room. A small room. Really. And it’s the last room in this house with wallpaper on the ceiling. So there might be a party later on today.

With lots of alcohol. (That’ll make choir practice interesting when I stagger in. :P)

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So. About that wallpaper…


Started in yesterday afternoon and got one longer wall stripped.

I was feeling smug about how quickly it was going (mind you, without the steamer and with a Thompson sprayer filled with a mixture of half water/half unscented fabric softener) and measuring the remaining space mentally. Yep, I was definitely a third done. Go me!

This morning it all came back to me. I’d forgotten the fifth wall.

Yes, dammit. Another room with wallpaper on the ceiling. I have only removed a fifth of the stinking stuff.

There is a black cloud of doom following me about this morning and raining directly over my head. I am now chanting the mantra: Close your mouth. Close your mouth. Close your mouth.

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