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I knew I wouldn’t escape….


The daughter would like me to sew the flower girl dress for her wedding in April.

(But hey, no chiffon and only one in a cottony-type lace. That’s better, right? Even if the child who will wear it lives 1K away and I won’t finish the hem until she flies in for the wedding?)


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2013–the year of the weddings


Yes, I’ve not one, but two, engaged children. Let the circuses begin!

Me, to Mom, after forcing the eldest child to give her the news personally, seeing that engagement announcements are made via FB these days: Okay, Mom, I’m pretty sure siblings M, L, J,  S, and A know nothing yet. So you can call them all and pass the word.

Mom: Oh, good! I’ll do that!

Me, a split second later: Okay, never mind about J. N, his wife, already posted a comment, so they know. If you talk to me any longer, you won’t have to tell a soul. They’ll all know via FB.

Mom: Bye!

I’m just surprised she actually managed a goodbye before hearing the clatter of the receiver in my ear–or whatever sound constitutes a disconnect these days.

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