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How did it get to be Sunday?


Four stores, three hours, and two trips equal one filled frig. At least we won’t starve. For a while.

Mom’s doing quite well today, and is functioning ever more on her own. I continue to say we’ll have her rollerblading by Friday. (Bike riding for her would be too difficult–the learning curve is too steep. She grew up on the hills in SF, what can I say?)

We watched the Oscars, which were not as amusing as we would have liked. Ebert’s tweets were far more amusing.

I have discovered a deep abiding love for Greek yogurt.

I bought a book to read myself to sleep with tonight. No, I don’t remember the title, but it’s by Audrey Niffenegger. I’m pretty sure the title would be easier to spell than her last name.

The Eldest Child crashed his car through a fence in my dreams. I don’t know why he insists on disturbing my sleep. Aren’t daylight hours enough?

Fresno Airport is routing all flights directly over my mother’s house. It is getting old.

Writing? Why, erm… no. Tomorrow. Really. Cross my heart.

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Okay then…


Now that I’ve got the plugin apparently working, those of you who added my feed might be receiving double posts.

The easy workaround is to delete the feed. (Sorry about that. But I had no idea there were plugins for LJ mirrors.)

Now if someone can tell me why I didn’t do this years ago? I do hope I don’t lose all the html I know. *g*

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